Jul 20

One of the biggest reasons people attend SEO conferences is so that they learn about the trends that search engines now use and how these can be taken advantage of. Technology is rapidly changing, and search engines are not lagging behind in improving their services for their customers.

Black hat SEO conferences

In order to understand why some practices are consider unethical and advised against in black hat conferences, one needs to understand the history and evolution of SEO. In the past, search engines had a submission form where one simply had to tag their sites with information on the keywords and that was it. This encouraged a culture of spamming which has since been reduced with the introduction of crawl based systems.

Learning about spamming in black hat conferences

However, some search engines still have submission forms and some SEOs still use spam in a bid to get their websites ranked. Although spamming is not illegal per se, using it still gets the SEO expert nowhere. Spamming today has moved from the submission forms to creating pages that are designed to inflate ranking and trick the sorting algorithms. This will not work for two major reasons.

First of all, it is wise to consider that nobody likes spam. Users who are constantly spammed will be less motivated to use that particular search engine. Nobody likes scouring the web for hours only to find sites that do not lead them anywhere.

Second, the fact that users do not like spam gives the search engine designers a financial motivation to fight and eliminate it. They have to get smarter or they will lose customers, and so they design their algorithms such that those locations with spam do not get as high a ranking as they would like. This is one of the reasons why Google has maintained its industry leadership in the past decade or so.

One of the most common spamming techniques is keyword stuffing. It involves placing a large number of keyword or phrases on the web content so that search engines might find it relevant. Studies have revealed that this might not be particularly effective in boosting rankings.

Jul 08

PlayStation 3 emulator is software having the ability to copy games in your computing device. This software is integrated to a computing device for downloading games available online. Once installed it is possible to download and store any PS3 game to your computer or laptop.  For selecting a game all you need to do is select its ISO file. On selection it takes about a couple of minutes for the game to get started.

Emulator for a true to life feeling

gaming with ps3 emulator

PS3 emulator would render the same feeling as playing in a real console. Downloading, installing, and using this emulator to play PS3 games is simple and does not require any special technical expertise. The process begins with downloading setup file by clicking on to download button. Using this setup file install the emulator software in default location. If the emulator is being used for the first time then it is necessary to add bios files. These are also to be downloaded. On subsequent opening of emulator you could choose a game from your computer for playing.

Activation of Emulator

Here it needs to be noted that for activation of emulator ‘add on’ is to be used. Every system using an emulator would be provided with a unique ‘add on’ that allows activation of software. This ‘add on’ is to be placed in the same folder as PlayStation 3 emulator. This emulator is safe and does not infect your system with virus.

Systems with operating platform Windows 2000 or higher are capable of supporting this emulator. Pentium 4 or equivalent processor is the hardware requirement for a machine to support PS3. The best part about this emulator is that it is downloadable around the clock and is absolutely free.  

Gaming has made rapid advances with options in terms of variety and scale of difficulty. Computer games are by nature addictive and attract gamers of all age groups. Earlier there were video game parlours, which gradually made way for play stations. These were complete with sound effects to add to the thrill of a game. Such play stations have been scaled down to your computer table with emulator facility. With availability of this facility is the form of PS3 emulator software gaming is now an actual thrill for game lovers.

Jun 26

The process of streaming media such as audio and video files can be described as a unidirectional transmission via data network. The process can be utilised to stream media from various sites to the visitors of the site computers’ and not having to store the data being streamed on the computer. Some of the sites that allow the streaming of media include YouTube. The SoundCloud website have a dedicated software; the SoundCloud downloader that is responsible for making the download of audio files simple and very fast indeed.

It also converts SoundCloud to mp3 for easier playing on the user’s computer. In the process of streaming audios or video there is software that is used to make it easy for uploading and eventual streaming referred to as the encoder.  By definition especially in regards to the SoundCloud website is a either a software or device that prepares an audio file for streaming whereby a typically large and high quality audio file is compressed to make it compact and effective for streaming.

The relationship between an encoder and SoundCloud to mp3

The various streaming video encoders are presented in different cost and in wide scope. There are those that are free while there are others that are very expensive up to 5 digits. The relationship between the encoder and the SoundCloud downloader is that after the video has been streamed it can be easily stored on the computer for a playing later on the computers since it ahs been converted to be compatible with the average media players. On the other hand the encoders also come with a myriad of features especially in the functionality and that explains the difference in the costs.

The best option for downloading an audio file from the SoundCloud website is through the downloader. It has very impressive capabilities such as fast and easy download. All a user has to do is copy the URL of the song on the site and then paste it on the software which will handle the conversion and then subsequently the downloading process. All this is achieved in a short period and it is very effective.